Executive Summary

CGM Jones Development LLC has identified South Dallas as one of the best growth area opportunities in the United States. The region presents multiple real estate opportunities, including raw land, single-family homes, small apartments, and commercial buildings. South Dallas is an area with a ready workforce, convenient to downtown, and a growing community with very few amenities to serve them, creating big opportunities to fill both residential and commercial voids. A strong demand for housing looks sustainable for the near future, creating good opportunities for the real estate development business.

Market Analysis:

The South Dallas housing market remains somewhat competitive. The average sale price of a home in South Dallas was $272K in December 2022, up 18.5% since 2021. The average sale price per square foot in South Dallas is $174, up 9.7% since 2021. Much of the slowdown experienced in 2022 can be attributed to recent interest rate increases that are cooling off many other markets across the country.

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